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Breath + Sound Healing

Come in to your breath and body – be guided through a two-part inhale, one exhale breath work and meditation, alongside beautiful healing sounds. This form of pranayama (observance of the breath) trains the mind to stop its chatter so that we can open the heart, connect with our deeper self, enter into the inner silence to hear the truth of the voice within. The class will be accompanied by gongs and crystal bowls, and coupled with affirmations to aid in deepening the overall practice.

Gongs have a centuries-old tradition throughout Asia to awaken and refresh those in sacred spaces. You will feel the vibrations move throughout your body, allowing conscious and unconscious information to come to you. 

This unique class will help you to:
- Tap into one's intuition in a safe environment
- Align yourself in love, gratitude, and joy
- Dissolve tension and stress
- Explore and discover what sound + breath can offer

Please bring a blanket or any other padding such as a thick yoga mat to lay on, bolster, eye pillow and and open heart. If you would like to bring special stones to ground you during your practice please feel free to do so. This is your time. 

Class cost is $40 per person, space is limited so you MUST preregister via PayPal to !

This special event will be coming monthly at Wild Ginger Apothecary in Sarasota - stay tuned!
About Beth Hardin:
Beth teaches yoga with a specific and dedicated focus on the breath. As a certified teacher and practitioner of David Elliott’s Level 1 Healer Training work, a licensed massage therapist and owner of her own healing establishment, Body & Mind Massage, for 20 years she brings the strength of her many modalities to her healing breath work classes.

Beth’s teaching offers the student an opportunity to deepen the relationship with the self, breath & intuition. She also incorporates her Cherokee roots by teaching and doing space clearings & blessings, offering spiritual guidance and grief support. Her teaching is driven by the desire to help you feel your best and heal your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental ailments. Her passion is in helping others to release anything that no longer serves while making space for more joy & peace. One of her mottos is “through tragedy is triumph!”

About Ed Russell:

Ed Russell has played musical instruments since childhood. Beginning in 2009, his love of sound carried him to work with singing bowls and gongs. Because of his studies in energy practices and as a Reiki master, he is attuned to subtle energies and sound frequencies. Playing from the heart and with intention is the foundation of his work. His sessions prove particularly beneficial in allowing people to respond to their own inner rhythms.