Thirsty Thursday Virtual Breathwork

Are you thirsty to feel better? Are you dehydrated from energy?

Virtually join Beth Hardin Healing every FIRST THURSDAY OF THE MONTH for breathwork meditation that will allow you to go deep into your cells and rejuvenate your life.  

NOVEMBER 1, 2018

DECEMBER 6, 2018

This is an active breathwork that will allow your monkey mind to slow down and allow your body to release any blocks that might be in your way to better health.  

Beth Hardin has designed this one hour class for you to take the time in the comfort of your own environment to STOP, while you allow her to lead you (and anyone else with you) in a guided walk through your body using a form of pranyama breathing.  This breathwork is a two inhale one exhale active breathwork that take you DEEP in your core, cells and nervous system.  A true healer in our own bodies!  

This is a powerful tool you can use anywhere to reset your mind, body, and spirit.  Can we just say, vibration blowing!!!

Her students are always in amazment of the layers of change.

As life gets busy and we aren't able to get to a building or a city where someone is teaching, virtual class is just as powerful because the power is within YOU.  It takes showing up to grow up.  When we accept that slowing down and taking time is just as valuable as eating good food and drinking good water!

 We need a healthy mind to have a healthy body and spirit to be happy humans!

 NOW let us turn lemons into lemonade together! Healing in a group is very powerful! Better together!

When: FIRST THURSDAY OF THE MONTH 8 p.m. EASTERN TIME (must sign up one hour prior to attend to keep it smooth) VIRTUALLY

Once signed up, Beth Hardin Healing will send you a link to the group! 

Cost: $20.00