Breathwork Breath Work Breathing Meditation

Private Breath Work Sessions

This one and half hour session is designed to help you tap into your own intuition and release energy blocks in a safe environment.  A form of pranayama breathing, this 2-stage inhale and one exhale uses the breath as a way to bypass the logical mind so the body can release any stuck energy that is holding you back from your life force.  This session is beautifully designed to open your heart to self-love and break free from any old story, worn-out beliefs, or lineage that has been keeping you from your purpose work or your innate gifts.  Massage can be added to help the release go deeper.  She also uses oils designed for each chakra to allow it to help you on a cellular level.  

This is her truest passion and gift on this earth!

$180.00: 1.5 hour 

Additional add ons that go well with this service:

Bemer , CBD oil internally  and externally.  Please see that in the add on section when booking or make sure you ask about it when you come in! A great bonus in your healing lifestyle! 

Massage Tampa Bay Beth Hardin Massage NeuroStim Reiki Trigger Point 

Massage Services

Customized for your needs. Beth is gifted to deliver the touch you need to make your experience enjoyable for you. Whether you enjoy light pressure or deep work, together you can decide between a wide variety of services such as neuromuscular, trigger point, relaxation, energy work, Reiki, Ahshiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, cupping and more.  Up to 1.5 hours of pure bliss all customized as above only more love for you and well deserved! 

Choose from 1 or 1.5 hour sessions, because sometimes it just takes a little more time to relax and you just need more! 

The treatment will be designed for your body's needs that day with plenty of time for you to relax and recover.  All sessions come with aromatherapy and hot towels at no extra charge. 

1 hour: $110
1.5 hour: $150

Additional add ons that go well with this service:

Bemer , CBD oil internally and externally.  Please see that in the add on section when booking or make sure you ask about it when you come in! A great bonus in your healing lifestyle!

Virtual Healing

Virtual Healing Session

Are you too busy to leave your office or home or do you travel a lot?  Healing can happen wherever you are!  At Beth Hardin Healing, space is designed just as it would be in the office.  Beth Hardin will design the healing session fully present and magical to help you feel better in your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual body.  

We don't need hands on to get to the roots, just a safe space that is Beth's specialty to allow you to bring up what no longer serves you. 

 This session will be talk and breath work to allow freedom to flow in all areas of your body. Whether your local or distant Beth Hardin Healing is here to help you! 

Book your session today or gift one to someone in

One Hour: $125

Additional add ons that go well with this service:

Ask about Bemer Therapy , CBD Oil taken internally and externally.  This is something that can be discussed before or during your session as this is an added bonus in your healing lifestyle.



Breathwork Breath Work Meditation Tampa Florida

Second Saturday Breath Work Circle

This class is designed to tap into one's intuition in a safe environment.  We grow in groups in ways we could never imagine in our first community (family). To be able to feel safe enough to share our vulnerabilities with compassionate human beings opens up a healing journey that will empower you in all aspects of your life. Being a teacher/leader starts with a healthy relationship with our Self.  That includes self-love, self-forgiveness, self-healing.  All relationships stem from that initial and most crucial connection.

A beautiful 2  hours. (we do run over a little depending on size) 

 The first hour we will be sitting in a circle on the floor starting out doing some writing.  Beth will give you some questions to the topic of the month.  Followed by getting to know each other, maybe some partner work and space to help each other grow.  Beth will help you see yourself on a loving layer so you have space to soften, surrender to grow.  

The second hour is  laying on a yoga mat wearing comfy clothes as Beth guides you on a two part inhale, one exhale breath work.  This is a form of pranayama and allows the breath to stop the mind chatter so the heart can open.  A place to lay down your burdens and get past the ego to listen to the Spirit voice, the truth voice within.  A great place to connect to your divine.  To start a practice or to grow one, it all begins with the breath.

Blankets are provided but please bring any other padding such as a thick yoga mat to lay on, eye pillow (she has them for sale if you don't have one) and and open heart.  If you would like to bring some stones to ground you during your practice please feel free to do so.  This is your time.  Beautiful music will be played as well as affirmations to deepen your experience and one like never before.  A fun hour she loves to open her heart to share. 

Water and light snack provided

$75 per person.

Home Clearing Saging Smudging Sage Energy Clearing Space Blessings

Home, Office, Spirit or Space Cleansing & Blessings

Spaces need clearing just like we need to be clean.  Clearing means cleaning a space from any energy that was there before you.  Are you moving into a new space?  Trying to sell one?  Just need a good clearing in the one you're in? Have you ever felt an energy that doesn't feel right?  Have you connected to your space in a loving way and blessed it with gratitude?

Beth provides an in-home/office/land/space clearing & blessing using a variety of tools that consists of saging, sweet grass, paulo santo, essential oils, sprays, holy water, musical instruments, prayers.  She uses her intuition as each case has its own personal story and she channels her Creator to do the job.  She has had success in helping many! 

Email or call to discuss your needs. Rate depends on space size, travel time and what exactly needs to be done.  

Price starts at: $180.00

Grief Grieving Couples Support Therapy Sessions Tampa

Spiritual Guidance, Grief Support and Couples Sessions

Beth is very connected to her faith and her Spirit is what makes her shine.  She is neutral in whatever your religion is and has a passion to help you ground deeper in the roots of your faith.  Love is her religion and her faith is what leads her life.  One of her favorite quotes is, "through tragedy, there is triumph!"  Her path has had a lot of grief, death and challenges, it is because of her faith in Spirit that has allowed her to overcome it all and anchors in on a breath by breath connection to stay connected.  She walks her talk and wants to help you out of any darkness and into the light of your purpose.  Join her for a private session, one-on-one to release the burdens that are weighing you down and feeling trapped.  Do you need help with a relationship in your life?  She is trained to hold space for whatever relationship is in your life that is ready for a breakthrough of old stuck patterns. 

She also has a Wednesday night weekly group session that provides a safe and private space to be vulnerable to heal.  Love is found in vulnerability.  Healing can be just as powerful in a group as a private so no excuse to your journey!  The choice is up to you.

There is hope, truth and light to your life, ready for all the love to flow.  Giver her a call or email and let her help you find the love in your heart to live the life of your Spirit & dreams. 

Private session: $180.00
Couples session: $275.00


Bemer Sessions

Bemer use enhances:

  • General bloodflow
  • The body's nutrient and oxygen supply and waste disposal
  • Cardiac function
  • Physical fitness, endurance, strength and energy
  • Concentration, mental acuity, stress reduction and relaxation
  • Sleep management

Add-on to other services: $40
3 pack: $120