Here I go, walking in LOVE......

I'm doing it!  No more just talking in my head about it.  No more talking to friends, healers, clients and in groups about it! I've been saying for a few years that "It's my turn".  However, I had to take the turn!  What I am talking about is stepping up and diving in my passions even more in 2018!!

  No more playing it safe and small and living on the outside of my vortex looking in.  

I have been working behind the scenes, with a few great souls along my side supporting me, being my cheerleader and pushing me out of my comfort zone, to host my first solo retreat this year.  AND SOON! So ok yes yes yes I did it!  I launched it out today.  I am hosting a Breath work retreat in nature, Memorial weekend! I secured my location, I have my plan for the 5 day event and I know enough people on earth who know enough people who want to take this healing game to the next level.  So I am sky rocket launching in my faith, my dreams, and now resting in the grace of flying.  It feels so good to jump, dive, fly!  Trusting in what has been wanting to be birthed for years.  What a release.  I can breathe even deeper!  I can feel my pelvic floor even deeper.  

I teach every week to pat yourself on the back and to give yourself a hug when you make those goals and dreams a reality and aligning with Spirit.  This is creation in us all. Spreading love.  So I pat myself and hug myself.

But before that...

I had to do a lot of forgiving of myself to get here.  Forgiving of myself for holding on so tightly to playing small. To hold on to my dreams so tightly in my gut, my deep roots of my dreams.  To just wish it in my head and heart but not act on what I knew would take more courage and boldness. My body was holding so much pain because I was holding myself back.  It was getting my attention.  It had me at ouch!  So hello, it was time to listen and so I did.  I did the "body talk" that I do with my clients and I listened to what I heard back.  I took the time to reveal to heal.  To feel to heal.  My daily breath meditation to health and wellness.  I do my work daily and that is the key. I found what worked for me to stop and listen.  

 It sure feels good to pat myself on the back and grow up even more, every day in every way with the God light in me.  When I am shining I can share the light and keep this healing game on earth going strong. 

Come on a journey with me this year as I open up more, share more, adventure more, and trust in the glory of heaven on earth.  I will walk the bumpy path when it comes and allow the tools in my belt to be the armor of victory.

This is my passion to help you gather your tools that work for you! 

Check out my weekly class, monthly workshop, and May retreat and always make room and schedule a private breath work healing session with me!  I love to hold space and help you reset!

Join me on the red red road of being AWAKE! 



Beth Hardin