Breathe, meditate, heal.

You are the frequency of this earth, come back to your natural state of well being.

Let's plant seeds of healing and establish our roots together! 

When you arrive at Beth Hardin Healing, located in the heart of Tampa, you will step into a warm energy that will calm you from the first steps in.  From there, your journey begins into a quaint treatment room that makes you feel like like you just took your first breath of self love. It is equipped with her Cherokee roots of a Native American theme, tibetan bowls, steamed towels and aromatherapy that will relax your body and senses. 

Beth Hardin Healing  is a cozy, private haven where one can relax, let go and recharge to begin again. It has often been called, "South Tampa's best kept secret". Beth offers Breath Work Healing Sessions, Massage, Bemer Microcirculation Therapy,TMJ Release, Relaxation Therapy, Energy Work, Reiki, Meditation Breath workshops,Retreats, Space clearings & blessings, Spiritual Guidance, Grief Support and so much more that can help you feel your best and heal your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental ailments.

We are all healers  together and my passion is to teach you the tools to help you on your personal journey.